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Don’t Worry to Have Small Bathrooms

For those of you who have a small house, definitely, have rooms that are not too big. You must be good at organising the room when you want to remodel the house. The dilemma is when you want one large room, then you have to sacrifice one room to be smaller. Typically, the one that has a small room is a kitchen combined with a dining room and a bathroom. Although it is a small room, it does not mean you can not turn it into a charming bathroom. You can still put the items needed even put the bath tub in the bathroom.

House painters melbourne has worked on a variety of interior designs. Starting from a house that has a wide home until a minimalist home. Special for bathrooms, usually they have to use certain tricks so not look too small. It is even possible to put a bath tub when you want it.

Actually, you better to use shower than a bath tub. Shower did not spend much space. If it can contain one person, then it is enough. If your shower is small and there is no place to put soap and other equipment, you can put a block on the wall to place soap and others. No need to use cabinets to save space. For towel hanger, you can use the outer side of the glass shower border. Towels will not be wet while saving space.

For the sink, you can put it in the corner of the room. No need for a big sink. Add a large mirror that can be shifted, so you can store toiletries in there. Use neutral and plain colours so your bathroom does not seem too cramped. White, grey, or yellow-ivory dominated by dark colours are often used as an option. You can use a small ceramic. Put the ceramic in a wide position to give the impression of a spacious bathroom.

If you still want to install bathtub in the bathroom, estimate the size of the bathroom. Place it in the right position with important elements such as sink and toilet so as not to overlap so that it looks narrow.