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Have a Fair System for All Members

Good MLM companies will benefit all the hard-working members, regardless of whether they join first or later. Suppose you join first in the MLM business and do not work, but your downline work hard to build a network, then that will succeed is your downline. Such a system will make more and more members because the system is very fair for all members. An unhealthy MLM business will implement the system of people who first join will be more successful than the people who joined later. So members who join later will be difficult to succeed. Products sold in a healthy MLM in addition to guaranteed quality, the price is also reasonable and in accordance with the quality of its products. So the member’s income is not from the price of the product gave the pricetag many times over, but from the number of buyers of goods that much because consumers are satisfied the quality of its products.

If an MLM sells a product that costs far more than the market price, then it can be said that MLM developed unhealthy because it is vulnerable to bankruptcy. Multiple product prices are a way to cover the cost of built systems, this is not a good thing for the long term. A good MLM company definitely has good system support offline and online, and easily accessed their member, making it easier for members to optimize their marketing activities. In a good and healthy MLM business, the upline will always be active, both in terms of recruitment of new members or in product sales. The uplines will provide assistance, coaching, and distribute marketing science to their downline. Even the upline will try hard to help their downline to level up according to the downline business. If the MLM upline is not active or just relying on the downline to sell the product or develop their network, then this is not a good MLM business. So, if there is an MLM business that mentions “your key position right now!”, This becomes an indication of money game because the first join that profit is not the result of the hard work member.